Guest Bloggers

The SkylarVerse blog is open on Wednesdays for guest bloggers of any romance genre except YA.

If you’d like to visit, please send an email to

Include: book title, length, publisher, release date, desired blogging date, AND whether you want to do a post (500-1,000 words) or an interview.

The final blog will include your cover, post/interview, blurb, author pic (optional), excerpt, and buy/social media links. Once we schedule your date, please send these elements in one email (either in the body or in attachments)


  • If you write up your post in your own blogging software, format it as you’d like then copy the HTML of your post into a Word document or email, it’ll be easier for me to post exactly as you want it to look.
  • Please attach photos–do not embed them into a Word document. IF you send the HTML and your photos are via links (not uploads), you shouldn’t need to send them as attachments.
  • Make your post chatty and engaging. End with a question for the readers to answer or give their opinion on.
  • Promote the post via your social networking sites.

I will promo your post on Romance Divas, Twitter, Facebook, yahoo loops, and various other sites (depending on your genre)

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