Writing Wednesday: Maison Domine updates

ImageSurrender to Fire, the 3rd book in The Maison Chronicles, comes out next Tuesday. I’m excited to return to the world of Maison Domine and can’t wait for you to meet Camille and Damien.

I’m also working on the next book in the series, featuring two characters you’ll briefly meet in Surrender to Fire. Not to be a tease, but here’s a little excerpt:

She shook against him. Damn it, he could be a grouch to this woman in the office and she’d just give a sweet smile back, but one moment of empathy and she broke down.

 A laugh burst from her, then another, until she was cracking up in his arms. Letting him go, she patted him on the chest. “Thanks. That was exactly what I needed.”

 Now he was confused and aroused. Rule #1: Don’t fuck the staff.

 Right now, though, he was tempted to change that to Rule #1: Fuck the rules. He had less than seven hours to get his head on straight before Los Angeles, because he’d never hear the end of it from Damien if he caught on.

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