#WritingWednesday: updates and a new series!

So…I had a new release last month from Samhain called “A Love Worth Living”. And boy did I eff that up! I didn’t get to organize the book tour or contest that I wanted…

picard facepalm

So I’m working on an awesome re-relaunch party and giveaway! Stay tuned for deets here, or follow me on The Facebook or The Twitter.

In other news, I’m working on a NEW series in a NEW (for me) genre–paranormal romance! This three-novella arc follows the Dryden sisters, near royalty of the Aevintyri–almost-human beings who’ve hidden in plain sight over the ages. Here’s a snippet from the eldest sister, Saera:

Aevintyri women were curvy. In the age of Vikings, when we could no longer hide in our corner of Iceland, we were objects of fascination. In the age of Elizabeth, when some of our members migrated to England, we were paragons of beauty. Four hundred years later…not so much. But damn if I’d be stuck wearing polyester and elastic waistbands.

With all intended insult, fuck that.

She’s a Snarkasaurus Rex, and Tage Skaarson is just the man to tame her!

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