Thursday 13: Favorite obsolete and obscure words

T13 obscure words

Writers and readers deal in words. These thirteen wonderful, obscure, and seldom-used words are being added to my lexicon, though I doubt they’ll end up in a manuscript…

  1. Portmanteau: a combination of 2+ words and their definitions into one new word (Wordnik)
  2. Wonder-wench: A sweetheart. I’m going to start calling all my favorite gals wonder-wenches (The Word Museum)
  3. Scriptitation: writing continuously (Obsolete WOTD)
  4. Misophonia: An extreme intolerance or hatred for certain sounds (Word Spy)
  5. Sesquipedalian: Given to or characterized by the use of long words (Wordnik)
  6. Mawmsey: sleepy, or stupid from lack of sleep/drinking too much. (Obsolete WOTD)
  7. Schadenfreude: Pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others (Wordnik)
  8. Hebephrenic: A condition of adolescent silliness (Obsolete WOTD)
  9. Sapiosexual: A person who is sexually attracted to intelligent people (Word Spy)
  10. Monsterful: Wonderful and extraordinary (Obsolete WOTD)
  11. Spermologer: One who studies trivia (The Word Museum)
  12. Basorexia: the overwhelming desire to kiss (Wordnik, disputed definition)
  13. Fuzzle: to make fuzzy with drink…thus confuzzle is a portmanteau of confuse and fuzzle! (Obsture WOTD)

Sources, tools, and references:
“Are You a Spermologer?” on Jezebel
Obsolete Word of the Day
Word Spy
The Word Museum by Jeffrey Kacirk

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5 responses to “Thursday 13: Favorite obsolete and obscure words

  1. These are very cool, and I’d like to bring some of them back. I wonder how one makes fuzzy with a drink.

  2. I wonder what would happen if I go into my next class and say “hello, all you monsterful wonder-wenches” to my group of older women? Hmm.

  3. Some great words. Though not as common as they used to be, I have encountered a few of these in my reading. Happy Pi(e) Day

  4. I’ve encountered many of these, and thoroughly enjoyed reading your entire list today.