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Today we celebrate independence, and no one needs it more than Hope O’Shea from my September Samhain release, His Only Hope. But she soon finds that independence is not in standing alone, but in letting herself be bound to another–namely her ex-lover, Gabriel Cassidy.


After two grueling years caring for her terminally ill mother, Hope O’Shea is eager to start fresh. Except her first interior-decorating job is for a popular BDSM club—part of her kinky past she misses, but had to leave behind.

Worse, she somehow ends up in the arms of her ex-Dom, Gabriel Cassidy. The one man who could strip her emotions bare, so bare that rather than reveal her painful history, she ran.

Gabriel never understood why Hope left without even a goodbye. Determined to get answers, he entices her to Maison Domine for a weekend on the promise of meeting the owner for another decorating job. Except being with her again reminds him why he loved her in the first place—and why she shouldn’t trust him as her Dom.

As their attraction reignites, Hope is transported back to the sub-space bliss she felt only with Gabe. Then a nightmare from her past shows up at the club, and with no other safe place to turn, she has no choice but to trust Gabe with her shame. Leaving Gabe with a devastating choice. Reveal his last secret–or lose his Hope.

To celebrate Independence Day and this upcoming release, I’m giving away a copy of the first Maison Chronicles e-book, Maison Domine. All you need to do is leave a comment below and answer this question: How do you celebrate your (sexual) independence?

I’ll announce the winner on July 11th, after our lovely blog hop ends. The contest will be open until midnight (PST) on July 10th.


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26 responses to “Skyrockets in Flight Blog Hop

  1. I celebrate by being with my boyfriend as long as I want, wearing bikinis (etc..) that make me feel sexy, and flirting when I can 🙂 Thank you for this giveaway! edysicecreamlover18ATgmailDOTcom

  2. I celebrate my sexual independence by talking to like minded people, introducing things to hubby, and anything that makes me feel sexy and special. OH and reading as much smutty goodness as I can. Can’t wait to read His Only Hope.

  3. I read a ton of hot romance and I’m not ashamed of it! That’s how I celebrate!

    Thanks for the contest!

    kristincheee (at) aol (dot) com

  4. Denise D

    Hehehe – I celebrate my S.I. as many times as I can 365 days a year. It doesn’t matter if it’s clothed, half-clothed, upside down, right side up, sideways or not – I just celebrate it because life’s too short and sooner than later I’ll be a wrinkly old lady and might not have the urge or might have to beg for it!

    Thanks for participating in the blog hop and good luck to all who entered!

    • Aww, Denise, that’s so sweet! Heck, I bet you’ll be the nice old lady in the nursing home who goes around and pinches butts on the cute male nurses–or cuter male residents!

      That’s my plan at least 😀

  5. I too celebrate by reading alot of really good, smutty books! I am proud to say that I love reading a large variety of romance stories.

  6. Renee Bennett

    I also read a lot of Hot Hot romances, then seduce my husband. tehe!!!
    Thank you for the contest.
    reneebennett35 at yahoo dot com

    • Yeehaw, Renee. I think that should be the romance writers’ slogan: Improving Marriages, One Roll in the Hay…or Kitchen…or Shower…or Bed…or Tent…at a Time.

  7. Jessica B.

    I celebrate my sexual independence by reading whatever type of romance I want to read, visiting clubs and dressing sexy (is that a good answer or did I interpret the question wrong?)
    jessangil at gmail dot com
    Jessica B

  8. I celebrate it with my husband whenever I can. When not, then it’s to the books.
    Thanks! Gloria
    geschumann at live dot com

  9. Krysta Banco

    I celebrate my sexual independence by well sex under the fireworks 😉 you can see them perfectly from roof.


  10. Reading erotica. Sadly, I haven’t experimented with a lot of the things I read.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

    mary_reiss @

    • Mary, no “sadly” about it! Reading is an amazing voyeuristic, vicarious escape–that’s how most of us experiment with the things we’ve read.

      Even romance writers sometimes 😉

  11. I celebrate my S. I. by dressing the way I want, not like my profession demands. I don’t tear the envelope, but I do bend it a bit! 🙂 I love to read erotica, and love to write it as well!

  12. JoAnna B

    I would say I read to celebrate my S.I. My husband would probably agree that my reading has helped him as well. 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway.

    beckerjo at verizon dot net

  13. I celebrate by reading as much as i want! I love erotica books! There so yummy! 😛 All of my fam gives me a hard time about reading smut! My theory, “if its writen, its ment to be read!” Thanks for the great giveaway!

  14. I celebrate by liking my body the way it is~curves and all! Oh, and of course by reading lots of wonderful hawt, sexy romances! The hotter the better!

  15. I think I forgot my email as well! lapidaryprose (at) gmail (dot) com

    Nancy Poehlmann

  16. (i.e. my better half, Phin) has chosen our winners.

    Congratulations to Gloria and BuckeyeGirl!

    Look for an e-mail from me.

    Also…anyone who would like a set of my Romance Trading Cards, send me an email at with your mailing address.

    Happy (belated) Independence Day!