Thursday 13: Ten-cent words (6/9/11)

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  1. Amaranthine (adj): everlasting, unfading; purplish-red in color

  2. benighted (adj): unenlightened, morally ignorant

  3. bloviate (v): to speak pompously

  4. callipygian (adj): having a shapely buttocks

  5. catachresis (n): misuse of a word, giving it meaning it doesn’t have or stretching the meaning of the word

  6. cimmerian (adj): dark and gloomy

  7. cognoscenti (pl. n): connoisseurs of the arts, those having specialized knowledge

  8. concupiscence (n): ardent sexual desire

  9. epizeuxis (n): immediate repetition of a word for the sake of emphasis

  10. eristic (adj/n): controversial; one who derives enjoyment from creating contention and argument or from playing Devil’s Advocate

  11. flagitious (adj): a villainous person

  12. gibbous (adj): moon more than half-full

  13. gyve (v/n): to shackle or bind (my favorite!); shackles

What’s your favorite ten-cent word?

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16 responses to “Thursday 13: Ten-cent words (6/9/11)

  1. An excellent selection of words. I just saw one of my favoriates in one of today’s word-a-day emails. Tintinabulation. That one always makes me smile.

  2. Nice! I only knew three of those. I like Chiascuro (probably spelt wrong). I like the sound of it, and the looks of it, and I first heard it in a History of Western Art calss in college.

  3. I’ve never heard of any of those! LOL! Great TT!


    My TT is at

    • I have a book of 2,000 obscure words (the source of this list) and I’m always learning new words. Glad you liked the list!

  4. I love bloviate. I’ll have to remember catachresis, as I do it all the time.

    • Bloviate just sounds so dirty, probably why it’s one of my faves. And remember catachresis…but don’t misuse it! lol.

  5. Every time I see “gibbous” (which, I’ll admit, isn’t often) I have to read it twice because I always see “gibbons”.

    I like the word “lugubrious”. I like how it sounds rolling off the tongue.

    • Gibbons is exactly what I think of…monkey moon!! Lugubrious is another great word. I like when the feel of a word evokes its meaning.

  6. Personally I like solipsistic. Of course, that’s probably just me.
    Nice list; thoroughly enjoyed.

  7. A good selection I must say. I am immensely benefitted. A good number among it I did’t come across.

    Thanks & Warm regards,

    Pranavam Ravikumar

  8. Good list! I like number six. 🙂