Thursday 13: To-Do (6/2/11)

Thirteen Books I Need to Read RIGHT NOW

1. PG Forte: In The Dark (So I can read the sequel, Old Sins, Long Shadows)

2. Kate Pierce: Simply Sexual (Yes, I’m behind on the whole series. And Simply Carnal is almost finished!)

3. Shiloh Walker: The First Book of Grimm

4. Deidre Knight: Butterfly Tattoo

5. R.G. Alexander: Possess Me

6. Jennifer Crusie: Bet Me (An oldie but a goodie. I try to read this, or one of her other old works, every year.

Reminds me why I wanted to write.)

7. Suzanne Brockmann: Time Enough For Love (I’m behind on her new books, too, and this one has been making puppies eyes at me

from the shelf.

Another author who inspired me to write)

8. Eden Bradley: The Dark Garden (and everything else she’s written. And her Eve Berlin books too!)

9. Jennifer Haymore: A Hint of Wicked

10. Juniper Bell: Go Wild

11. Kelly Jamieson: Power Struggle

12. Joseph Campbell: The Hero With a Thousand Faces (nonfiction, all about the mythic structure and the hero’s journey)

13. Anything Dawn Daydrmzzz recommends! (She’s the reason my TBR is toppling over)

What’s your must read for the moment? Not that my pile can handle more, but recommend some good ones!


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10 responses to “Thursday 13: To-Do (6/2/11)

  1. I was just gonna say that this list looked really good 😉 there is one or two on there I need to check out myself now as well. Xoxo nice choices Skylar!

  2. Thanks, Dawn. I’d have included everything you recommended to me, but this is Thursday 13, not Thursday 300!

  3. Bet Me is a good one, but I’ve only read it once.

  4. I think Bet Me is somewhere in my TBR pile as well. I may actually get to it…some day.

  5. Why’d you have to go and add to my TBB list? Sigh. *grin*

    Happy TT,


    13 Paragraphs K. Troutte

  6. I’m in some great company in this list!

  7. I’m rereading God Stalk by P.D. Hodgell. It’s the first in her high fantasy series. She’s my favorite author.


  8. So much to read! I better get busy. 🙂