52 Weeks of Organizing: Week 3 and 4

I took a break for health reasons, but now I’m back and catching up.

Week 3: Identify the piles and give away

1.  What areas did you organize this week? I sorted the mail that had piled up, reorganized the dishes and the pantry.
2.  Where you happy with what you accomplished or disappointed?  Explain. I’m happy with my slow and steady progress, but frustrated that I have to “take it easy.”
3.  What types of piles would you like to get under control? My bookshelves. I have too many books that I won’t ever read. They have to go. Also, the pile of “to-do” stuff on my desk needs sorting.
Week 4: Making Decisions

1.  Were you able to tackle one of your piles last week? No, not yet, but my shoe pile beckons.
2.  Did you have to make some tough choices? I will have to…especially with my books.

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