52 Weeks of Organizing: Week 2

This week, Laura has us following here PROCESS method of organization:

Plan your attack
Remove items from the space
Organize stuff into piles, sort & purge
Evaluate your plan
Solve and simplify
Smile, relax and enjoy your hard work

I’m still on the plan-remove-organize parts, but my closet and vanity area is looking up. Last week, I took out shoes and clothes to donate. This week, I’ll be doing a second sweep there, as well as going through my bath and body stuff to toss/freecycle some of it.

Week 2 from I’m an Organizing Junkie

One response to “52 Weeks of Organizing: Week 2

  1. I am in your corner. I kinda stopped organizing the Jan 2, I am glad someone is still keeping a resolution. I really want to do my closets….