Getting back in the post-holiday groove

There is something about family that always managed to derail my best intentions. New diet? Oh, forget that–grandma made pie! Write every day? Well, mom wants us to go to that new movie.

I spent the week before Christmas with my family in Virginia. I had an amazing time, especially because I only see them a few times a year. But because of that, when I visit, we always cram each day full of together time. Would my family begrudge me writing time? Never! But do I want to give up the limited time I have with them? No way.

So my blog stagnated over the past week. I didn’t quite meet my writing goals, modified as they were. I did, however, get some writing done. And I did relax, so now that I’m back home, I feel like I can refocus on my goals.

Not to mention I have a lovely new external hard drive and digital camera to add to my blogging and writing fun.

Here is one of the first pics I took with the new camera–the Kade family rat brothers.

I’ll be working to keep the blog updated, to bring new and fun content, and to give you my New Years resolutions–hooray for accountability!

Happy holidays,


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