Guest blog: Lauren Fraser

Older Women/Younger Men stories and why we love them

Thanks for having me as a guest today Skylar. I’m excited to be here.

For a lot of people reading romance books is all about the fantasy. Meeting the perfect guy who is of course dead sexy and fantastically gorgeous. Heck, if he makes you coffee in the morning, wow, we have a winner. LOL I was talking with friends the other day about this and of course the men in the group wanted to know what the deal was with the fantasy of older women/younger men. Not sure I understood why they didn’t get it since you certainly see the reverse ALOT. But anyways…

Since my new book Sex, Sin and Surf is an older woman/younger man story I’ve been thinking alot about how those relationships work. Is it just a fantasy or can they work in reality? Personally I totally think they can work, of course like any relationship, there are going to be variables, not every older woman is going to meet her sexy young stud. LOL But I think for a lot of people age is just a number and it really has no bearing on the couple as long as they don’t let it. Plus there’s something to be said for knowing you’ve still got it.*grin*

There was some discussion on a group I belong to a while ago about older women/younger men and the term cougar. It was mentioned that a lot of women don’t like the term. Honestly I hear the term thrown around so often it wasn’t something I had thought about possibly offending someone. I don’t have a problem with it personally, but I can understand why some people would and maybe it’s all about how the term is used. If it’s used in a derogatory way then yep totally offensive but on the other hand if it’s used in that fantasy term where the woman is powerful and going after what she wants well then that gives it a whole new meaning doesn’t it?

Now I’m curious for you as a reader what is it you like about older women/younger men stories? Is it the fantasy of knowing you are still attractive enough to catch the eye of someone younger? Or is it more about the sex and the whole idea of hooking up with the stamina of youth? Maybe it’s neither and there is something else that draws you to this kind of story. Either way I enjoy them and I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

Lauren Fraser

2 responses to “Guest blog: Lauren Fraser

  1. To me, the appeal is the thought that a younger man would still find an older woman attractive. Men are so much into the looks, so the idea of him being attracted to someone older is extremely hot.

  2. You know I love cougar stories Lauren.

    I saw an older lady driving a car with the number plate cougar the other day so she was totally owning it.

    For me I think the I was sold on the idea of a younger man not jaded by life, still believing in romance and true love, imparting that spark to an older woman who had taken up a holding pattern in life.