WIP Updates

After NaNo ended, part of me wanted a break from writing. I’m not usually a prolific writer, and November drained me of all I had–or so I thought. After a few days away from the computer, I started waking up early again, my mind begging to sit and write. I guess what they say is true: it takes 30 days to form good habits. And I did.

So here is my current project list:

Maison Domine II: Contracted by Samhain, tentatively titled “His Only Hope,” waiting for edits

Maison Domine III: First draft almost completed, now titled “Finders Keepers,” though that will likely change. I need to edit the heck out of this thing since it was my NaNo WIP.

Violet: This is a lesbian erotic romance I originally wrote for a short story call. In each round of edits it kept growing, so now I’m extending it from 13k upwards to sell as a novella to some lucky (heh heh) publisher.

Tango for Three: erotic short story about a couple realigning their romance through dance classes. Intended for Couple’s Erotica by Rachel Kramer Bussell, but I don’t know if I’ll finish on time šŸ˜¦

Though the plot bunnies abound, I’m trying to finish up these four works before moving on to something else. Those other stories floating around my head are the best motivation to write.

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