Six Sentence Sunday

From Lawful Pleasures (Parker Publishing, Oct 2010)

Lia Delgado moaned in ecstasy. She reached out to the passenger seat of her car, tired eyes fluttering in satisfaction, and fumbled around until she struck gold—there was another French fry hiding at the bottom of the grease-stained white and red paper bag that had just held her salvation. Yep, definite proof that God is a woman—crispy French-fried goodness. She popped the fry into her mouth like an addict taking the next hit and let out a contented groan, the sound encompassing not only her cheeseburger-fries-and-shake-filled stomach, but her TGIF bliss.

As the secretary for Brantforth Walker Kensington III, Esq., Lia was constantly buried under paperwork, legal briefs, and dry cleaning for His Royal Hiney, the District Attorney. And if working for the arrogant bastard weren’t a huge gold star on her resume, she wouldn’t have been able to stand him.

But despite the craziness of the week, it was Friday, and Lia had a date with her sweatpants and Denzel Washington DVDs.

Six Sentence Sunday

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