SMUG Monday

Well, the post that was scheduled to go up here was eaten by WordPress. Yeah, I have no idea what happened there. SO, here’s a quick post to catch you up on this new segment of my blog.

SMUG Mondays stands for syntax-mechanics-usage-grammar Mondays, where I’ll be posting mini-lessons and answering grammar-related questions.

But first, there are a few terms you need to know:

Syntax: This is the order in which you place the clauses, phrases, and words in a sentence. It has a great deal to do with “authorial voice.”

Mechanics: Rules relating to spelling, capitalization, abbreviation, and numbers.

Usage: Rules for using English words and phrases (i.e. affect vs. effect)

Grammar: The rules that dictate how to acceptably form sentences out of words, phrases, and clauses.

And there you have it! Please post your own burning SMUG woes!

Lesson 2: Complete Sentences

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