Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt

Red Staters Consume the Most Porn
Evidently, the more conservative and religious the state, the more pornography they watch. Is it just plain old hypocrisy, or a case of wanting what you can’t have? Either way, the statistics make me laugh. Having been on the receiving end of moral criticism — for reading romance novels, for writing erotica, etc. — it is deeply satisfying to see this correlation. I guess as humans, almost all of us have our vices; it is simply a matter of how honest we are about them.

Although, one could argue that “smut” like pornography and erotica could actually encourage more “moral” behavior. If indeed such media is used in lieu of getting what you can’t have, then maybe porn works to prevent behaviors like premarital sex or underage sex, which could in turn decrease the spread of STDs and reduce the number of teen pregnancies.

Ha, who am I kidding?

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