I could be that really annoying chat poster and shout “first!” but I shall refrain. Well, except for the title.

Last week, I found out my novella was chosen for the Samhain anthology “Binding Ties.” When that e-mail came through, I was shouting down the walls of the room and scaring the ever-loving daylights out of the dogs. A few months back, when I started writing “Maison Domine,” I never really expected it to get published. It was a writing exercise; I needed to get rid of the blank space on my screen that was eyeballing me every time I sat down to write. So I wrote what I knew — sex. And a small brain-stretching ego-building exercise snowballed into the story. Sweet. Action.

So now here I am, on the verge of being published. Damn, Skylar gets an ISBN number. That shouldn’t be sexy, but for we readers of the world, ISBN is powerful. Or maybe that’s just my nerd showing…

Oh, and, uh…. FIRST!

One response to “First!

  1. Congratulations on nearly being published, Skylar.